What's New On the Website? 
  • Read the wonderful diaries and letters of Harold Rossen Willson (India III), edited by Sara Dana Wilson, with introduction by Dr. Charlie Houston, the second Peace Corps India Director (4/11/2015). 
  • India XX-B is planning to hold their 50th Reunion October 14-17, 2015 in Ashland, OR.  For more information, please contact William Sachs at wnsachs@aol.com.
  • Upcoming India 13 and 14 Reunion Just 49 years ago, India 13 and 14 Volunteers were settling into their assignments in the former states of Punjab, Mysore, Kerala and Andhra.  Staff at the University of California, Davis, where these groups trained, are hosting a reunion of India-13 and 14ers on campus April 24-27, 2015. More Information to be found under Group 13 and 14click here(2/12/2015)
  • Updates on FOI giving in 2014 are on our Charities page. (2/8/2015)
  • See lovely photos and a remembrance of Dale Stanton, India 26, courtesy of his family (12/23/2014)
  • Click here for information on the Begunahi Foundation in Lucknow (12/21/2014)
  • A wonderful new video about Sanjeevini Trust can be viewed here.(12/21/2014)
  • ND Krishnamurthy (NDK), Peace Corps India Language Officer, facing a health challenge. (11/22/2014)
  • A report on the amazing work of the Father Fleming Foundation, an FOI Charity (11/19/2014)
  • In Jack's latest President's Message, he called for an archive of memories about our experiences. His call has resulted in responses from Ray Myers and George Nepert. See all responses on the Stories to Share page and in Photos and Videos on the right bar of the home page.  (11/19/2014)
  • November 2014 Newsletter is available to read here. (11/3/2014)
  • Mike Lipman's Wonderful Essays on the South Asia Pure Water Initiative are here.  Photos here
  • Click here to view videos of speeches from the 2011 FOI picnic during the 50th anniversary. We need your help identifying groups and speakers on the videos. (9/18/2013)


The Friends of India are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who served in India from 1961-1976, their families and friends, their Indian supervisors and counterparts, former Peace Corps/India staff and anyone who might have an interest in India and Peace Corps. We are a non-profit organization.    

FOI has three goals:

(1) to continue to expand our understanding of India, 

(2) provide a channel of communication and information via our newsletter and secure website,

(3) to increase awareness and support of Indian charities. 

This web site complements our quarterly Friends of India Newsletter and supports our goals.